Luggage storage guide 2022: Aarhus

Heading to the second largest city in Denmark, where culture, fun and nature unite? Great!

Most of the places such as the Aarhus Art Museum, Den gamle By, Friheden Tivoli or The Botanical Garden you can visit are located within a walking distance. There are also places to visit slightly out of town, in the so-called Aarhus area. No matter if you would prefer one or another, you want to travel light and stress-free, without carrying your bag around or facing out-of-order storage situations. 

LuggageHero can save your day!

We highly recommend LuggageHero as a preferred luggage storage service provider based on their flexible pricing, time options, luggage insurance as well as the easy online booking process.

How much would it cost to store my luggage in Aarhus?

LuggageHero is all about comfort, therefore you can choose whether you want to pay per hour or daily. Prices per hour starts from 13.42 DKK and per day 101.98 DKK.

Storage for a longer period

Do you need to store your bag for longer than 24h? LuggageHero is flexible and after your first 24, they charge only 74.25 DKK per additional day! 

All sizes are welcome

There are no restrictions on the size of your luggage, whether it’s a backpack, a trolley or sports equipment. You choose what you want to store and how you want to pay, whether pay per hour or daily. 

Download the easiest luggage storage app in Aarhus

For your convenience, you can download the LuggageHero app and get right away access to all storage locations around Aarhus.

Is there any difference between left luggage and luggage storage?

Left luggage and luggage storage are basically the same things. Left luggage is mostly used in the UK. Luggage storage is the most common name used internationally when referring to storing luggage. They are both defined by people’s need to store luggage that can be collected at a later time.

Types of luggage storage in Aarhus

You can choose between the two storage solutions available in Aarhus, we will describe them more in detail below. 

Aarhus Central Station

You can store your luggage at storage lockers at Aarhus Central station, they are activated electronically and with the use of a credit card only. There are five different sizes and price rises correspondingly.

LuggageHero & Comwell Hotel Aarhus

LuggageHero offers to store a bag just next to the station at Comwell Hotel Aarhus without any limits on size. You will be charged only for the exact time that your bags are stored with full insurance.